Typhoon Damrey (Typhoon No.12, 2017)

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At 7am this morning, typhoon Damrey’s location was approximately 12.5 degrees north latitude, 117.5 degrees east latitude, 380 km east-northeast of Song Tu Tay Island, with the maximum sustained wind speeds near the typhoon’s centre is at 60-75kph.
It is forecast that, in the next 24 hours, the typhoon will move slowly west ward at a speed of 20kph and will likely increase in strength.
By 7am on November 3, the typhoon will be located at approximately 12.3 degrees north, 113.2 degrees east, approximately 420 km east of the coast of Binh Dinh – Ninh Thuan provinces. The strongest winds in its eye will be blowing at 75-100kph.
Due to the typhoon's influence, the mid area of the East Sea, including the northern corner of the Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands, is currently witnessing rough seas, thunderstorms and strong winds of level 6-7, with the maximum sustained wind speeds near the typhoon’s centre at level 9-10.

Background information

Start time: 02/11/2017
Latitude: 12.5
Longitude: 117.5
End time:
The highest level of typhoon: 0
Highest rainfall:
Affected area:

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